Top 10 Sleep Myths Which Are Believed But Not True

3rd Jan 2017
5 min read

The reality is we’re often to blame for our own sleep deprivation — clinging to bad habits and buying into the sleep myths that keep us perpetually tired. So, let’s end this vicious cycle of misinformation and begin to feel better — by revealing the truth behind common sleep myths.

1. As Much As I Can Sleep Is Better For Me

Total sleep tile is linked with the age group. Generally 7 to 8 hours sleep is good for adults and 8 to 9 hours sleep for teenagers. However, excessive sleep is may be a sign of depression and low quality sleep. Therefore, never target more sleep.

2. Alcohol And Weed Helps Me To Sleep Better

It may help only few but not a good idea to try it. Never go for it.

3. Insomnia Means Difficulty In Falling Asleep

Failing to fall asleep is just one sign of insomia. There are other symptoms of Insomnia such as failing to wake up early, failing to fall back asleep easily.

4. Everyone Should Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

A Jawbone study founds that people who sleep 8 to 9 hours each night report happier moods the next day.

5. I Feel Sleepy During The Day Because I Did Not Get Enough Sleep In Night

Not getting good sleep in night may cause it but if you feel it everyday eventhough you have slept more than 8 hours. Then there could some other problem like a low quality sleep, sleep apnea, bad diet etc.

6. Power Naps Will Makes Me Feel Refreshed

Naps may help you sometime but always. It is always better to have good night sleep at room instead of napping at office.

7. I Can Fool The Sleep

No one can fool the sleep. If you don't sleep, your remaining hours would be added in sleep debt and you have to pay it back next day.

8. As I Get Older, My Body Requires Less Sleep

It has been found in research that aged people still need same amount of sleep but they need more bedtime to get same amount of sleep due to aches and pains.

9. Snoring May Be Annoying, But It Is Harmless

Snoring may cause serious health problem such as sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

10. Lack Of Sleep May Make Me Feel Tired, But It Does Not Have A Severe Impact On My Health

The consequences of even one hour of sleep loss for one night can be an increase in heart attacks.