We are looking for the startup passinates who are the born for the entrepreneurship, you would get a chance to work in small but growing tech startup. You would be leading a section of the company.
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We’re seeking a technically sound individual with a track record of driving programs through to realization. You’ll work closely with the hardware, mobile, and backend engineering to ensure seamless transmission of data between our devices, user devices, and the server infrastructure.

The ideal candidate is someone with experience in embedded environments (Keil, IAR, ARM, Wi-Fi, IoT), is able to engineer solutions to product requirements, and has the capability to grow the firmware function within the company.

Specific Responsibilities:
- Assess product requirements, identify the best solution relative to hardware/software constraints, and implement the solution
-Plan and manage feature implementations, identify and document the approach, break down complex tasks and resolve them through individual.
- When necessary, creating new BSP’s for embedded systems, hardware drivers for new sensing technologies, and tests that these components function as expected
- Select development toolchains and environments to support custom hardware
- Write functional software for specific hardware components, process and security
* Power management
* Wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT, and Wi-Fi
* Digital signal processing algorithms for audio and sensor data
* Data security and encryption techniques
- Provide tactical support for hardware investigation, prototyping, and performance analysis in the relevant stages of hardware development

Desired Skills and Experience:
- relevant work experience in the embedded software space will be preferred
- Ability to work independently, take ownership of subsystems, and drive innovation and implementation
- Hands on experience with implementing complex algorithms on resource constrained platforms
- knowledge of C programming and data structure will be preferred
- Technical knowledge of sensing technologies associated with activity tracking, environmental assessment and biofeedback
- Understanding of embedded toolchains and build environments

We are a Full Stack Team of IITians, Digital Marketers, Inbound Marketers and Social Media Strategists with a unanimous motive – to change the way people think of sleep and to let people get the most out of their sleep. We are capable of handling R&D, Production, Post-Production, Marketing, Strategizing, Growth Hacking and Incrementing the business model from under a single roof. We are action takers, and we believe that anything is possible, with a try.

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