We are looking for the startup passinates who are the born for the entrepreneurship, you would get a chance to work in small but growing tech startup. You would be leading a section of the company.
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Uses predictive modeling, statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and other data analysis techniques to collect, explore, and extract insights from structure and unstructured data . Develop software, algorithms and applications to apply mathematics to data, perform large scale experimentation and build data driven apps to translate data into intelligence, solve a variety of business problems and enable business strategy. Assists business with casual inferences & observations with finding patterns, relationships in data. Must possess strong understanding of internal business segment stakeholders and possess strong written and communication skills. Typically requires expertise in relational database structures, research methods, machine learning, Cloud based technologies, Big Data technologies i.e. Hadoop , HBase, Lucene/Solr, analytics packages i.e. R, Mahout, Matlab, Octave, Weka, scripting languages i.e. Python, Perl, programing languages i.e. Java, C/C++, SQL.

- The Data Scientist will develop analytics and Machine Learning models on problems of moderate to high complexity, using statistical analysis software such as SAS, R, Matlab or Python stack.
- Develop new analytical methods and/or tools as required.
- Respond to and resolve data mining performance issues. Monitor data mining system performance and implement efficiency improvements.
- Manage and/or provide guidance to junior members of the team.

We are a 360o Full Stack Team of IITians, Digital Marketers, Inbound Marketers and Social Media Strategists with a unanimous motive – to change the way people think of sleep and to let people get the most out of their sleep. We are capable of handling R&D, Production, Post-Production, Marketing, Strategizing, Growth Hacking and Incrementing the business model from under a single roof. We are action takers, and we believe that anything is possible, with a try.

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