We are looking for the startup passinates who are the born for the entrepreneurship, you would get a chance to work in small but growing tech startup. You would be leading a section of the company.
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We are seeking a talented and driven Android Engineer to join our mobile team. You will be part of a team developing our consumer Android application while building out standalone libraries that can be integrated into our application as well as other projects.

Specific Responsibilities:
- Collaborating with the platform and firmware teams
- Working closely with designers to build out intuitive user interfaces
- Writing unit tests to maintain high code coverage
- Profiling and instrumenting the application to identify bottlenecks
- Work with product and project managers to ensure timely, accountable delivery of Android applications with required features and quality.

Desired Skills and Experience:
- Comfortable with using git for version control
- Experience in shipping applications to the App Store
- A perfectionist when it comes to implementing designs as well as writing clean, test-supported, and well-documented code
- Must have a thorough understanding of computer science fundamentals (data structures and algorithms), talking to REST APIs over HTTP, and of course, modern Objective-C
- Bonus: strong C or C++

We are a 360o Full Stack Team of IITians, Digital Marketers, Inbound Marketers and Social Media Strategists with a unanimous motive – to change the way people think of sleep and to let people get the most out of their sleep. We are capable of handling R&D, Production, Post-Production, Marketing, Strategizing, Growth Hacking and Incrementing the business model from under a single roof. We are action takers, and we believe that anything is possible, with a try.

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